Resolve - When complications involved

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With any computer, viruses can be one of the biggest issues plaguing your system. We have continued to work on the cutting edge in removing and preventing viruses that can affect your system.

  • Comprehensive computer scan
  • Detect and eliminate viruses, spyware, malware and adware to stop annoying pop-up ads and help protect your data and identity
  • Reinstall operating system, if required
  • Configure browser security settings
  • Schedule automatic scans to prevent future infection
  • This service may require multiple contacts and/or call backs to complete. Troubleshooting may be time intensive depending on the complexity of virus removal

Note: With a single purchase of Resolve services, you can avail either one of the service virus and malware removal or OS repair and reinstall. For support on multiple issues at a time, please check out our subscription service plans.